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RestKit Credits

RestKit was originally developed in the summer of 2009 under the name OTRestFramework as a Ruby on Rails specific object mapper for XML data. In early 2010 the framework was rebranded as RestKit and evolved into a general purpose HTTP toolkit and object mapping system.

RestKit is a production of Two Toasters and available as an Open Source package under the terms of the Apache License (see LICENSE for details).

Original Author

  • Blake Watters (blakewatters) @blakewatters

Core Team

  • Jeremy Ellison (jeremyellison)
  • Daniel Hammond (danielrhammond)
  • Jeff Arena (jeffarena)

Web Designer

  • Adit Shukla (aditshukla)


  • Marc Weil (aspir)
  • Pat Shields (pashields)
  • Tim Kerchmar (timkerchmar)
  • Rachit Shukla (rachitshukla)
  • Adam Hinz (ahinz)
  • Stefan Eletzhofer (seletz)
  • Peter Marks (tassock)
  • Chad Podoski (chadpod)
  • Andras Hatvani (andrashatvani)
  • Ed McManus (emcmanus)