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jSpringBot Libraries Build Status


For end-to-end acceptance testing using Robot Framework with Java, Spring and Maven.

For details please see: http://jspringbot.org/


The following are the supported libraries.

Browser Automation

Browser Automation is supported using JSpringBot SeleniumLibrary.

Restful Services Testing

Restful Services Testing is supported using Http, XML and JSON Libraries.

Database Validation

Database Validation is supported using DBLibrary.

Config Support

Contains support to access values in properties file using ConfigLibrary.

Internationalization Support

Contains support for internationalization.

SSH Support

Enables support to access and execute command on a remote machine over an SSH connection using SSHLibrary.

CSV Support

Contains support to parse and query a CSV string or resource using CSVLibrary.


Added support for expression language to all jspringbot library keywords.

Other Utilities

Other utilities like TestDataLibrary that enable create of test-data on a csv file.

Java, Maven, Spring

All libraries were built using Java and Spring Framework. Dependencies and test execution are done through Maven.

To generate documentation

mvn compile jspringbot:libdoc Copy the generated html file to gh-pages/docs

Copyright and license

Copyright 2012 JSpringBot

Code licensed under Apache License v2.0.