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Links to repositories and demos of stand out projects.
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Due to the amount of repositories on my account, I made this list as a shortcut to the stand out apps. If you want to see the full list, visit my repositories or homepage. For more details on how the apps are used and set up, see the README file in the root of each project, which will load by default when you click on the project link. If the websites require logging in or making purchases to fully test, that info can be found there as well.

Web Shop (Vue, Nuxt, Sanity, Snipcart, Heroku) - Demo

Job Board (Ruby on Rails, Stripe, Heroku) - Demo (l: / p: password)

Food Delivery (React, Next.js, Context, Apollo (GraphQL), MongoDB, Strapi, Stripe) - Demo, Strapi Admin (l: testuser / p: Qaz2Wsx#Edc)

Library Catalog (Django, Open Library, PostgreSQL) - Demo (l: admin (superuser, can access admin panel) or test (basic user), p: Qaz2Wsx#Edc)

Travel Blog (Vue, Prerender-SPA, Disqus, Netlify) - Demo

APIXU Weather (Angular 7, APIXU, Node, Express, Heroku) - Demo

Weather App (React Native, Expo, Snack) - Demo

Project Request Form (Vue, VeeValidation, Heroku) - Demo

Library App (Ember, Firebase) - Demo

Cocktail Creator (Ruby on Rails, React, Active Admin, PostgreSQL, Heroku) - Demo (l: / p: password).

Chat App (Laravel (PHP), Vue, Node, PostgreSQL, Pusher, Heroku) - Demo

To Do List (Vue, Node, Heroku) - Demo

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