Javascript Query Language Database Server
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jsqldb server

Javascript Query Language Database Server


JSqlDb is a fully functional database engine. But it does not store tables and rows, like an sql database, but instead it stores javascript objects and primitives. For example:

db.myobject = { hello: “world” }

And unlike a nosql doument store, there is no document boundary, everything is directly accessible:

db.myobject.hello = “world!db.myobject.arraymember = [“hi”];

because it does not store just json, it stores javascript objects, including executable functions, and references to other objects

db.myotherobject = { myfunction : function() { return “hello” }, myref : db.myobject }

It can use these references and connections to model graph data, but it can also easily store tabular data using either object or array collections

db.mykeydtable = { “e1234”: { name: “Sue”, salary: 4321 }, “e1235” : { “name”: “John”, salary: 1234 },  }
db.myautoidtable = [ { “employeecode”: “e1234”, “name”: “Sue”, salary: 4321 }, { “employeecode”: “e1235”, “name”: “John”, salary: 1234 } ]

For further documentation see

For Linux, macos and windows. Installers are available here: Releases

For the Node.js client, see