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Fixes Translation Missing Error for ad_hoc_options select_tag

Russell Kompinski added some commits Dec 12, 2013

Update en.yml
Fixes Translation Missing Error for Add
Update en.yml
Fixes Translation Missing error on ad_hoc select_tag
Fire_event Error Fix
Seems to fix fire_event error. You can define the fire_event, and try and populate the way the promotions works. But this seems to work. I don't know if it's right. I'm just running the order.update! method

binaryphile commented Feb 6, 2014

I'm experiencing the translation error in production for the ad-hoc options select tag. This commit seems to fix that but also does something else to fire_event, which looks like the cause of the travis ci build failing.

I wish I could get the translation fix from here without necessarily the fire_event fix. Could these be broken up and the translation accepted, Jeff?

Ruekompa commented Feb 6, 2014

Hey binary, what I did was install the gem manually in a specified location. I get errors with the fire event, which is why I removed it. Im using postgres for production and the fire event error persisted. I heard if you use mysql it works but haven't confirmed that. But I should have submitted pull request separate. Sorry still not great with git.

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