Pidgin plugin to support xmpp/jabber uri links (xep-0147).
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Xmpp-uri is a pidgin plugin that adds support for clicking on XMPP URI links (XEP-0147).

This allows you to click on links like and automatically open a chat window. Bots can generate such links for quickly joining chatrooms or messaging other users.


Pidgin and glib libraries must be installed, along with the usual build tools.

$ git clone
$ cd xmpp-uri && make install

Then enable the xmpp-uri plugin in Pidgin and you should be set.

Supported actions are described in the plugin menu.

Windows binary

Download and put in your %APPDATA%/.purple/plugins directory. Restart pidgin and enable it.

Building on Windows

The plugin can also be cross compiled for Windows, but it's a bit more involved.

Make sure you can build pidgin - the same environment is needed to build the plugin.

Then build by pointing to Makefile.mingw.

$ ... # build pidgin inside of ~/devel/pidgin-2.10.7
$ cd ~/devel
$ git clone
$ cd xmpp-uri && make -f Makefile.mingw

You will probably have to change HOST in the Makefile.mingw depending on how your distribution installs mingw.