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jsreport/jsreport is a docker based image for easily running jsreport reporting server.


  1. Install Docker
  2. sudo docker run -p 80:5488 jsreport/jsreport

This is the most basic usage. It will start jsreport server on port 80 directly in the current shell with data and configuration stored directly in container. Change 80 http port to whatever you want.

However it is recommended to run jsreport in the following way.

  1. create directory where the jsreport persistent data and configuration will resists
  2. sudo docker run -d -p 80:5488 --restart always -v /jsreport-home:/jsreport jsreport/jsreport where the first /jsreport-home path is path to directory created in the previous step

This will start jsreport as a daemon and restart it after system reboot as well. /jsreport-home folder will be used to store persistent data and configuration. Changes will take an effect after container restart.