@pofider pofider released this Aug 22, 2018

Assets 5
  • pdf-utils - safer execution of merges and appends in the sandbox, propagating group helpers also to the nested rendering
  • fs-store crash safe writes for flat documents like
  • html-to-xlsx - make excel working in libreoffice
  • reports - automatic old reports cleanup
  • sample-template - fixed orders example
  • core - make config from env prior to the file even for nested props
  • chrome - new version 70

@bjrmatos bjrmatos released this Jul 5, 2018 · 12 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • upgrade to puppeteer version 1.5.0
  • core -> use deep clones in document store to avoid accidental documents edit (previously it was just shallow clone)
  • core -> support disabling extension by cli args or env var
  • fs-store -> deps updates to make it run with electron
  • fs-store -> syncModifications now disables files watch too when it is false
  • fs-store -> new option usePolling to decide if we should use polling or native os watching for the files watcher, defaults to true
  • fs-store -> fix bug which was causing unexpected updates to entities (use deep clones instead of shallow clones when applying changes)
  • fs-store -> do not write dedicated files (helpers.js, header.html, etc) if prop is not defined
  • fs-store -> deletes dedicated files (helpers.js, header.html, etc) for null set
  • support for running studio in dev mode just with particular extensions list (this means that now there is a new mode where studio will just compile particular extensions, not all)
  • html-to-xlsx -> don't throw on htmlEngine not set and instead use a default engine
  • express -> add new mountOnAppPath option to support mounting routes under appPath. this is useful when there is no proxy + url rewriting involved in user setup. mountOnAppPath config when true makes jsreport routes available with appPath as prefix
  • data -> modify template.data entity type definition to allow null, this fix a bug when data was unset from template and next render throw an error about data not being a valid object
  • chrome-pdf -> fix usage of scale option

@pofider pofider released this May 31, 2018

Assets 5
  • nicer error messages in templating engines and scripts
  • fix for propagating helpers into chrome headers execution
  • hiding some props from odata to improve security
  • don't duplicate base tag
  • pdf utils can be now used without storing templates
  • fix for displaying request logs in studio
  • Chromium 68.0.3419.0
  • docker with authentication requires extensions_authentication_cookieSession_secret to be set

@pofider pofider released this Jan 30, 2018

Assets 8

This release contains only bug fixes but also the bigger changes are in the full docker image.

Bug fixes

Docker changes

  • The full image now uses node 8 and includes also phantomjs2, chrome-pdf, pdf-utils and version-control

@pofider pofider released this Nov 9, 2017

Assets 7

Change in the config files
The config files are now being applied in the following order (only one is applied):

  1. The config file specified using configFile option/arg/env
  2. The config file based on the NODE_ENV | JSREPORT_ENV with name dev|prod.config.json
  3. The config file with name jsreport.config.json

Using config files based on the NODE_ENV turned out to be error prone and confusing for many users and we decided to keep things simple and in the end default to single config file jsreport.config.json. This is also back compatible because the NODE_ENV config files are applied with priority.

United temporary files locations
jsreport now stores all temp files to temp/jsreport where sub folders typically reflect temp files of particular extensions. The files are no longer fragmented into several directories.

Many hotfixes

  • hotfix for rendering shortcut #356
  • fix for rowspan and colspan in html-to-xlsx recipe
  • fix docker-full wkhtmltopdf to support headers
  • support entity names with [] in fs store
  • limit sizes od output headers generated in debug extension
  • fixed import to mongo
  • fixed cloning for cloning phantom-pdf templates in studio
  • fixed setting cron in scheduler studio UI
  • fixed scripts ordering
  • fixed reformating feature in studio
  • escape = in xlsx recipe

See particular extension's release for details