@bjrmatos bjrmatos released this Dec 11, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

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add support for structuring jsreport entities into folders 🎉🎉🎉💼

entities in extensions were updated to support folders

highlights of updates

  • assets - support binary assets, asset resolution now supports name paths {#asset /folder/folder2/asset}
  • authorization - permissions now take into account entity hierarchies and inherit permissions from parent folders when it is appropriate
  • child-templates - passing stringified objects is now supported, child template resolution now supports name paths {#child /folder/childTemplate}
  • chrome-pdf - added new strategy chrome-pool that reuses chrome instances for better performance
  • cli - support concurrent starting of jsreport keepAlive instances
  • core - sanitize and validate options right after loading config
  • debug - avoid crashes for requests without logs
  • express - add options to allow expose headers to jsreport scripts (not exposed by default)
  • fs-store - fix some issue with locks, and add support to represent folders hierarchies in file system
  • html-to-xlsx - fix more complex cases when using rowspan
  • import-export - import was adapted to restore folders hierarchies, and support legacy exports (exports that were created with previous versions in which folder entity was not implemented)
  • pdf-utils - add new option mergeWholeDocuments in operation that improves performance significantly, add support for merging static external pdfs
  • public-templates - fix internal bug when creating sharing token
  • reports - refresh studio tabs when it is active
  • resources - fix internal bug that was preventing templates to have resources
  • sample-template - update samples to be grouped and show a hierarchy with folders
  • scheduling - refresh studio tabs when it is active
  • scripts - fix exposing context values as top level properties of request, disallow throwing non errors and improve error message when it happens, fix don’t hang when Promise variable is defined at the top of scripts
  • studio - add support for showing folders in entity tree, drag and drop is supported to move entities between folders, add option requestLogEnabled to control if we should store request logs
  • template - template name resolution now supports name paths /folder/folder2/template1
  • version-control - limit diff feature just for smaller files, skip diff for big files and all binary files, list of changes in commit history and uncommitted changes now show path of entities
  • xlsx - add some fixes to support more cases of xlsx
  • updated to chrome 72

all extensions dependencies were updated to ensure that we don't use vulnerable packages, so npm audit now reports 0 vulnerabilities in most cases