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Click a button, enjoy some sunshine!
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The title is pretty self-explanatory. Click a button, enjoy some sunshine! Just a quick exercise in animation chaining, layers, view transitions, and audio syncing using Swift.

Getting Started

As this is currently not on the App Store since it is more a Proof of Concept, in order to run it and see it in action, you will need to have XCode installed (You can download it here.)

Once installed, open the project by navigating to "File > Open ...", Then make sure the build target is set to iPhone 8 by clicking the small window in the upper-right.

After everything is all set up, simply press ⌘+R to build and run the app in a simulator.


  • Mac OSX Sierra or High Sierra
  • XCode 9

Built With

  • Swift - The language the app is coded in
  • XCode - Development Environment
  • AVFoundation - Used to create multiple audio channels to sync with the animation.
  • Affinity Designer - Creation and editing of assets.


  • Robert Jones - Initial work - jsrj
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