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How Old Is It?

A tool for recruiters to check how old a technology is.

Welcome to this non-exhaustive list of technologies and their approximate ages. I started this as a gentle dig at a subset of recruiters, and it has since been massively expanded upon by many contributors.

Running the Project

  1. Install the dependencies by running npm install or yarn install.
  2. Run the application by running npm start or yarn start.

Adding a Technology

New technologies should be added to src/technologies.js.

We're interested in:

  • Programming languages such as Ruby or C++.
  • Programming language frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or Laravel.
  • Programming adjacent tools such as Kubernetes or TravisCI.

Check the list of open issues to see if anything strikes your fancy and submit a merge request.

All contributions are welcome, no matter how obscure the technology!

How old is "how old?"

Sometimes it's difficult to determine the exact date a project was made publicly available. Sometimes there is a large gap between the public release and the "official" launch. If there is uncertainty over which date to pick when adding a technology, aim for the earlier of the two.


  • This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.
  • A big thanks to all of the contributors for massively expanding this beyond the tiny handful of technologies I had listed to begin with.
  • Unreal Engine icon by iconscout on

P.S. If you are a recruiter and you are reading this, obviously it is not you that we are poking fun at! Haha! Ha! Haa... please don't blacklist us from the industry.