A tool for recruiters to check how old a technology is.
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How old is it

A tool for recruiters to check how old a technology is. Welcome to this non-exhaustive list of technologies and their approximate ages. I put it together as a slight dig at recruiters who expect you to have known a two year old language for five years.

View the page HowOldisIt


installing node modules

npm install



Starting the Application locally

npm start


yarn start


This section describes the workflow we are going to follow when working on a new feature or fixing a bug . If you want to contribute, please follow these steps:

  1. Fork this project.
  2. Clone the forked project to your local environment, for example: git clone https://github.com/nero2009/howoldisit.git
  3. Add the original project as a remote, for this example the name is upstream, you can use any name you want. git remote add upstream https://github.com/jsrn/howoldisit.git

Updating your local

In order to update your local environment to the latest version on master, you will have to pull the changes using the upstream repository, for example: git pull upstream master. This will pull all the new commits from the origin repository to your local environment.

Updating your local branch

Maybe you have been working on a feature or fix that took so time to finish, most likely there are new changes in the master and your local repository is behind. In order to update it to the latest you need to pull the latest changes to develop and then rebase your current branch.

$ git pull upstream master
$ git rebase upstream/master

From here you can push to your origin repository and create a pull request.

Add a new language

If you would like to add a language, add it to the array in src/technologies.js.

Pull Requests

If you want to work on an Issue please read the Contributing doc first. All contributions are welcome, no matter how obscure the technology!

Technology used to create this Application

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

A big thanks to all of the contributors for massively expanding this beyond the tiny handful of technologies I had listed to begin with.

P.S. If you are a recruiter and you are reading this, obviously it is not you that we are poking fun at! Haha! Ha! Haa... please don't blacklist us from the industry.