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Intro to Ruby problem

This is part of the RGSoC 2018 in ThoughtWorks Barcelona Office.

Problem Specification

In a school, every student has to submit an exam by the end of the week.

The submitted exam has to contain the student's name and a list of the solutions (a/b/c/d) to 10 questions

The teacher evaluates the student solution and publish a list of students and their grades. The minumum grade is 0 and the maximum grade is 10.

New requirements (don't read them yet yet!)

  • In the advanced class, exams are a bit different: they have 8 questions, 6 of which are 1 point and the other 2 are 2 point.
  • Once a month, the students have to do a hard test. A hard test is like a normal exam but every wrong answer implies -0.5 in the total score. Final score cannot be less than 0.
  • A suspicious teacher will immediately consider dubious any students with the exact same answers
  • A cool teacher will empathise with the suffering of their students, turning all the 4s into 5s