Asymmetric WebGL Holographic tribute to Breakout Game
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Trapezoid Box 360

Trapezoid Box 360 is a holographic game originally designed for UCLA Game Lab's Cocktail Cabinet. It is an asymmetric multiplayer tribute to the classic breakout with a hint of color theory. Three player (red, green, and blue) works together to fill the world with all colors (through additive color combinations / white), against one player (opacity / grey), whose goal is to make everything disappear.

hero set up happy group intense



  • Colored paddles (red, green, blue) work together to try and make every brick white by adding their own color to each brick.
  • Opacity paddle (grey) tries to make every brick disappear by reducing each bricks opacity.
  • Game ends when all bricks have disappeared, or all bricks are white (meaning all paddles have added their color to each brick).


  • Each player controls a paddle (keyboard keys, in the demo: hgft, awsd, ilkj, (%&\ -- default on cocktail cabinet arduino input)
  • When a ball bounces on a paddle, it takes the color/opacity of that paddle.
  • If a ball has taken a color/opacity, when it hits the bricks in the ceiling, it will add to it.
  • A ball will continue to be a color/opacity until it hits the floor or is hit by another paddle.

How to use

  • Refer to images for construction of hologram viewer (we created a trapezoid in clear acryllic and placed it on top of a 24" monitor).
  • Run the file on any webserver that can serve javascript and open index.html. TB360 uses WebGL and so you need a relatively new browser to run it.
  • To edit keys used to move the paddles, edit the bottom of js/main.js.


Special Thanks