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Perfect Simulation of Stationary Equilibria

This page collects files and computer code for the paper Perfect Simulation of Stationary Equilibria by Kazuo Nishimura and John Stachurski.

Publication Details

Perfect Simulation of Stationary Equilibria
Kazuo Nishimura and John Stachurski
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 34, 577--584, 2010


Using a variation of the coupling from the past technique, this paper develops algorithms which generate independent observations from the stationary distributions of various dynamic economic models. These variates can be used for calibration, calculation of steady state phenomena, and simulation-based estimation. As an application, we demonstrate how to generate exact samples from the stationary distribution of an incomplete markets model routinely calibrated by macroeconomists. Our implementation generates 100,000 independent draws from the stationary distribution in less than 3 seconds.


C code for replicating results in the paper can be found in the repository. C or Fortran are significantly faster than high-level languages with this algorithm. However, for illustrative purposes, I've also included a Python implementation below. There are two files. The first computes the policy function and the second implements perfect sampling.