Shiny app to view reconstructed streamflows.
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Creating a Streamflow Reconstruction App


This repository contains code designed to create a Shiny app to easily view streamflow reconstructions. These reconstructions can be several hundred years old, so it is useful to be able to interact with the time series (zooming or summarizing as needed).

The resulting app is available at (

Getting Started

These instructions will allow you to process data and generate the Shiny app. All code is written in R. See Prerequisites and Running sections below for detailed instructions.


In order to run this code, you must install:

All necesary R packages will be installed automatically in the first file.

Running the Code

Running all scripts at once

Code is numbered in order of operations. If you would like to simply recreate (, you may run the following from any command line after installing R. For more detailed information about each file, see below:

Rscript 01_processing.R
Rscript 02_paleo_app.R


  • James H. Stagge - Owner - jstagge


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


  • Thank you to Justin DeRose for providing several tree-ring chronologies.
  • Additional thanks to the International Tree-Ring Data Bank for providing further chronologies and global climate reconstructions.