Latest commit 8d713be May 8, 2016 @yiyuezhuo yiyuezhuo committed with trevnorris Fix QR() implementation and other additions
* Reimplement QR() decomposition function.
* Enhance col() and row() to support a list select
* Introduce cola(), rowa(), arange(), slice(), sliceAssign(), copy() and
* Implement lu() and cholesky() decomposition.
* Add triaUpSolve() and triaLowSolve() to solve triangle matrices.
* Add lstsq() and outer() to linearalgebra.
* Add file models.js to reimplement OLS regress by QR decomposition.
* Add t-test, f-test, 95% confidence interval, R2 and adjust R2 to

Fixes: #55
PR-URL: #191
Reviewed-by: Trevor Norris <>