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An open-sourced work of fiction. A 500-word short story by Jeff Stautz.
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Significant Other

A 500-word short story by Jeff Stautz.

Winner of Vancouver Review's 2010 Short Shrift fiction contest. Originally published in their Fall 2010 issue.

Revision History / Drafts

This git repository tracks the evolution of "Significant Other," from initial story idea through to final draft.

My handwritten journal entries, early drafts and missteps, additions/deletions, and edits are all captured here. Dig through the commit history and changesets to see how the story evolved.

For each commit, I've added some notes in the log messages about my process and the story's evolutions.

The Notes Directory

I've kept .jpg and .txt representations of some of my story notes in the /notes directory, if you're at all interested in trying to decipher my handwriting.


This story has been open-sourced, and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This means you can copy it, fork it, adapt it, modify the bejeesus out of it... and even sell your adaptations of it.

But if you do adapt it or re-distribute it, you need to:

  • Give me appropriate credit
  • Indicate that you've made changes to it
  • Distribute it under the same license


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