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This is an official mirror of the HandBrake Subversion Repository. Please note, this is currently read-only.

branch: pgs

HandBrake Repositories


Subversion Repository: svn://

Anyone can check code out; access must be granted by a project administrator to check code in.

GitHub Mirror

We also have a mirror on GitHub. This is currently read-only.

Please note: The Subversion tags have not been copied across. This is just a mirror of the trunk directory.


Our Trac is located at:
This contains our wiki, tickets and code timeline.


IRC: #Handbrake on Freenode Note that accessing IRC through freenode's webchat is disabled for spam concerns.

Submitting a Patch

There are several ways you can contribute code back to the HandBrake repository.

Please see the Contribute page for details.

Note: Submitting git diffs to our ReviewBoard can be tricky, please feel free to post the diff on our pastebin site and provide a link on the Forums or IRC.

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