Assets 7

This update fixes a few bugs and adds better support for multiple sticks on a hub. The update is recommended for everyone since it adds much needed low level restart logic. Anytime your sticks go dead for whatever reason bfgminer will automatically restart them. This works a majority of the time as long as the ASIC has not hard-locked which would require a complete un-plug/re-plug. This will not fix any issues related to your USB hub not providing adequate power to the USB miner.

Please check the initial release notes below for additional instructions.

Assets 7

This is the initial bfgminer release for the FutureBit Moonlander 2 USB Scrypt Miner. Please note this release is compiled for ONLY Moonlander 2 support. All other drivers have been stripped (including origonal Moonlander). Binaries are attached below for almost every system.

All binaries require latest sililabs VPC Driver to work with the Moonlander 2. Even if you installed it before, make sure you install the latest version since the Moonlander 2 uses a new chip.

Download UART VPC driver for your system here:

System Specific Notes:

Linux: Binaries require dependencies to be installed, at the very least youll need libcurl4-gnutls-dev and
libjansson-dev. Root privligaes are also required to run the miner so in terminal cd to extracted directory and run sudo ./

linux_x86_64 is for Intel or AMD based Linux systems (tested on Ubuntu)
linux_armv6 is for all Rasberry Pi's (tested on Pi 1, Zero, 3).

Mac: Just double click the start_moonlander executable at the root of the folder to start miner.

MAC OS 10.13 HIGH SIERRA USERS: Sililabs drivers will NOT work with the newest version of OS X, and you cannot run the stick with this version until Sililabs provides a driver update!

Windows: Your anti-virus software will most likely delete bfgminer.exe on extraction, make sure you add an exception to anti-virus rules. Just double click start_moonlander.bat file to start miner.

Assets 2

Support for the original FutureBit Moonlander scrypt USB stick