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Converts go test output to an xml report, suitable for applications that expect junit xml reports (e.g. Jenkins).

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Go version 1.1 or higher is required. Install or update using the go get command:

go get -u


Create an Issue and discuss the fix or feature, then fork the package. Clone to This is necessary because go import uses this path. Fix or implement feature. Test and then commit change. Specify #Issue and describe change in the commit message. Create Pull Request. It can be merged by owner or administrator then.

Run Tests

go test


go-junit-report reads the go test verbose output from standard in and writes junit compatible XML to standard out.

go test -v 2>&1 | go-junit-report > report.xml

Note that it also can parse benchmark output with -bench flag:

go test -v -bench . -count 5 2>&1 | go-junit-report > report.xml