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package main
import (
type F map[TagField]string
var testCases = []struct {
filename string
relative bool
basepath string
minversion string
tags []Tag
{filename: "tests/const.go-src", tags: []Tag{
tag("Test", 1, "p", F{}),
tag("Constant", 3, "c", F{"access": "public", "type": "string"}),
tag("OtherConst", 4, "c", F{"access": "public"}),
tag("A", 7, "c", F{"access": "public"}),
tag("B", 8, "c", F{"access": "public"}),
tag("C", 8, "c", F{"access": "public"}),
tag("D", 9, "c", F{"access": "public"}),
{filename: "tests/func.go-src", tags: []Tag{
tag("Test", 1, "p", F{}),
tag("Function1", 3, "f", F{"access": "public", "signature": "()", "type": "string"}),
tag("function2", 6, "f", F{"access": "private", "signature": "(p1, p2 int, p3 *string)"}),
tag("function3", 9, "f", F{"access": "private", "signature": "()", "type": "bool"}),
tag("function4", 12, "f", F{"access": "private", "signature": "(p interface{})", "type": "interface{}"}),
tag("function5", 15, "f", F{"access": "private", "signature": "()", "type": "string, string, error"}),
{filename: "tests/import.go-src", tags: []Tag{
tag("Test", 1, "p", F{}),
tag("fmt", 3, "i", F{}),
tag("go/ast", 6, "i", F{}),
tag("go/parser", 7, "i", F{}),
{filename: "tests/interface.go-src", tags: []Tag{
tag("Test", 1, "p", F{}),
tag("InterfaceMethod", 4, "m", F{"access": "public", "signature": "(int)", "ntype": "Interface", "type": "string"}),
tag("OtherMethod", 5, "m", F{"access": "public", "signature": "()", "ntype": "Interface"}),
tag("io.Reader", 6, "e", F{"access": "public", "ntype": "Interface"}),
tag("Interface", 3, "n", F{"access": "public", "type": "interface"}),
{filename: "tests/struct.go-src", tags: []Tag{
tag("Test", 1, "p", F{}),
tag("Field1", 4, "w", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "Struct", "type": "int"}),
tag("Field2", 4, "w", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "Struct", "type": "int"}),
tag("field3", 5, "w", F{"access": "private", "ctype": "Struct", "type": "string"}),
tag("field4", 6, "w", F{"access": "private", "ctype": "Struct", "type": "*bool"}),
tag("Struct", 3, "t", F{"access": "public", "type": "struct"}),
tag("Struct", 20, "e", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "TestEmbed", "type": "Struct"}),
tag("*io.Writer", 21, "e", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "TestEmbed", "type": "*io.Writer"}),
tag("TestEmbed", 19, "t", F{"access": "public", "type": "struct"}),
tag("Struct2", 27, "t", F{"access": "public", "type": "struct"}),
tag("Connection", 36, "t", F{"access": "public", "type": "struct"}),
tag("NewStruct", 9, "f", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "Struct", "signature": "()", "type": "*Struct"}),
tag("F1", 13, "m", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "Struct", "signature": "()", "type": "[]bool, [2]*string"}),
tag("F2", 16, "m", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "Struct", "signature": "()", "type": "bool"}),
tag("NewTestEmbed", 24, "f", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "TestEmbed", "signature": "()", "type": "TestEmbed"}),
tag("NewStruct2", 30, "f", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "Struct2", "signature": "()", "type": "*Struct2, error"}),
tag("Dial", 33, "f", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "Connection", "signature": "()", "type": "*Connection, error"}),
tag("Dial2", 39, "f", F{"access": "public", "ctype": "Connection", "signature": "()", "type": "*Connection, *Struct2"}),
tag("Dial3", 42, "f", F{"access": "public", "signature": "()", "type": "*Connection, *Connection"}),
{filename: "tests/type.go-src", tags: []Tag{
tag("Test", 1, "p", F{}),
tag("testType", 3, "t", F{"access": "private", "type": "int"}),
tag("testArrayType", 4, "t", F{"access": "private", "type": "[4]int"}),
tag("testSliceType", 5, "t", F{"access": "private", "type": "[]int"}),
tag("testPointerType", 6, "t", F{"access": "private", "type": "*string"}),
tag("testFuncType1", 7, "t", F{"access": "private", "type": "func()"}),
tag("testFuncType2", 8, "t", F{"access": "private", "type": "func(int) string"}),
tag("testMapType", 9, "t", F{"access": "private", "type": "map[string]bool"}),
tag("testChanType", 10, "t", F{"access": "private", "type": "chan bool"}),
{filename: "tests/var.go-src", tags: []Tag{
tag("Test", 1, "p", F{}),
tag("variable1", 3, "v", F{"access": "private", "type": "int"}),
tag("variable2", 4, "v", F{"access": "private", "type": "string"}),
tag("A", 7, "v", F{"access": "public"}),
tag("B", 8, "v", F{"access": "public"}),
tag("C", 8, "v", F{"access": "public"}),
tag("D", 9, "v", F{"access": "public"}),
{filename: "tests/simple.go-src", relative: true, basepath: "dir", tags: []Tag{
Tag{Name: "main", File: "../tests/simple.go-src", Address: "1", Type: "p", Fields: F{"line": "1"}},
{filename: "tests/range.go-src", minversion: "go1.4", tags: []Tag{
tag("main", 1, "p", F{}),
tag("fmt", 3, "i", F{}),
tag("main", 5, "f", F{"access": "private", "signature": "()"}),
func TestParse(t *testing.T) {
for _, testCase := range testCases {
if testCase.minversion != "" && runtime.Version() < testCase.minversion {
t.Skipf("[%s] skipping test. Version is %s, but test requires %s", testCase.filename, runtime.Version(), testCase.minversion)
basepath, err := filepath.Abs(testCase.basepath)
if err != nil {
t.Errorf("[%s] could not determine base path: %s\n", testCase.filename, err)
tags, err := Parse(testCase.filename, testCase.relative, basepath)
if err != nil {
t.Errorf("[%s] Parse error: %s", testCase.filename, err)
if len(tags) != len(testCase.tags) {
t.Errorf("[%s] len(tags) == %d, want %d", testCase.filename, len(tags), len(testCase.tags))
for i, tag := range testCase.tags {
if len(tag.File) == 0 {
tag.File = testCase.filename
if tags[i].String() != tag.String() {
t.Errorf("[%s] tag(%d)\n is:%s\nwant:%s", testCase.filename, i, tags[i].String(), tag.String())
func tag(n string, l int, t TagType, fields F) (tag Tag) {
tag = Tag{
Name: n,
File: "",
Address: strconv.Itoa(l),
Type: t,
Fields: fields,
tag.Fields["line"] = tag.Address
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