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What is this?

This is the code for my Node.js Learning Path, which you can find only at IBM Developer.

There is one directory for each unit of the course, named like this: Unit-X, where X is the unit number (Unit 1 doesn't have a directory because it doesn't have any code).

There are also some other directories for common code, configuration settings, and so forth.


  • Some of the code is (and will always be) purposely bad (or poorly optimized), and unlinted, in order to illustrate concepts as part of the LP (like why you would want to use a linter... you kinda need to see both the "before" and "after" code, right?).

If you are a Node developer and see something that looks wrong, it just might be that way on purpose (to make a point), so no issues (or god forbid, PRs) please because something doesn't look perfect (or the way you would do it). That said... if something is just flat out wrong, please let me know (by opening an issue).

When will the LP be published?

  • As of today (15 December 2018) units 1-6 have been published, with more on the way.

A Learning Path is a Herculean effort, not just for the content provider (me), but also for the fearless, tireless, and totally awesome editor(s) who take on the unenviable task of turning my writing into something a human being might actually want to read.

Who am I?

I'm Steve Perry. And I love to write code, and write about writing code.

Be sure to check out my blog, and my YouTube channel.

You can also follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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