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default : test
.PHONY : build clean publish setup test
# Setup everything
setup :
npm install
# CoffeeScript to JavaScript
build :
coffee -b -c -l -o lib/zombie lib/zombie/*.coffee
# Run test suite
test : setup
npm test
# Run coverage report
coverage : setup lib-cov html
env LIB_PATH=lib-cov mocha -R html-cov > html/coverage.html
echo open html/coverage.html
lib-cov : build
jscoverage --no-highlight lib lib-cov
html/coverage.html :
if [ `which jscoverage` ] ; then make coverage ; fi
# Remove temporary files
clean :
rm -rf html man7
rm -f lib/zombie/*.js
rm -rf lib-cov
# Documentation consists of Markdown files converted to HTML, CSS/images copied over, annotated source code and PDF.
doc : html html/source html/zombie.pdf
html/index.html : doc/layout/main.html
mkdir -p html
coffee doc/ $< $@
html/changelog.html : doc/layout/main.html
mkdir -p html
coffee doc/ $< $@
html/%.html : doc/ doc/layout/main.html
mkdir -p html
coffee doc/ $< $@
html : $(foreach file,$(wildcard doc/*.md),html/$(notdir $(basename $(file))).html) html/index.html html/changelog.html
mkdir -p html
cp -fr doc/css doc/images html/
html/source : lib/**/*.coffee
@echo "Documenting source files ..."
docco lib/**/*.coffee
mkdir -p html
mv docs html/source
html/zombie.pdf : html/*.html
@echo "Generating PDF documentation ..."
wkhtmltopdf \
--disable-javascript --outline --print-media-type --title Zombie.js --header-html doc/layout/header.html --allow doc/images \
--margin-left 30 --margin-right 30 --margin-top 30 --margin-bottom 30 --header-spacing 5 \
cover doc/layout/cover.html toc --disable-dotted-lines \
html/index.html html/api.html html/selectors.html html/troubleshoot.html \
# Man pages.
man7 : $(foreach file,$(wildcard doc/*.md),man7/zombie-$(notdir $(basename $(file))).7) man7/zombie.7 man7/zombie-changelog.7
mkdir -p man7
man7/zombie.7 :
mkdir -p man7
ronn --roff $< > $@
man7/zombie-changelog.7 :
mkdir -p man7
ronn --roff $< > $@
man7/zombie-%.7 : doc/
mkdir -p man7
ronn --roff $< > $@
# Get version number from package.json, need this for tagging.
version = $(shell node -e "console.log(JSON.parse(require('fs').readFileSync('package.json')).version)")
# Publish site only.
publish-docs : clean html html/source html/zombie.pdf html/coverage.html
@echo "Uploading documentation ..."
rsync -chr --del --stats html/
# npm publish, public-docs and tag
publish : build doc man7
npm publish
git push
git tag v$(version)
git push --tags origin master
make publish-docs
make clean