A formatter for Cucumber designed to be trivial to parse to collect stats
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Stats Formatter for Cucumber


Simple formatter which outputs the stats for each Scenario in a way so as
to be simple to parse for a CI system or task monitoring tool.

Example output :
User Authentication :: Unauthorized User to Dashboard (3 passed)
User Authentication :: Admin User Can Access Account Tab (3 passed)
User Authentication :: Existing User (7 passed)
User Authentication :: Logged In User to Dashboard (9 passed)
User Authentication :: Wrong Password (8 total, 5 passed, 3 failed)
User Authentication :: Wrong Account (8 total, 8 failed)
User Authentication :: Standard User Can Not Access Account Tab (3 passed)

Where all the above scenarios (eg. "Unauthorized User to Dashboard") exists in
the "User Authentication" feature.

Any step which can't be run (eg. undefined, failed or skipped) is counted as
a failed step.


If you're using Rails, simply drop it in your features/support directory.

Then, you can say :

cucumber features/* -f Cucumber::Formatter::Stats

Not using Rails? You just need to ensure that the file is somewhere it can be
included, and call it like :

cucumber features/* --require path/to/stats.rb -f Cucumber::Formatter::Stats