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Collection of helper scripts for working on Linux systems.
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Collection of handy scripts for Linux systems.

ruby/ (Ruby related scripts)
    Produce a bash script to install all the currently installed gems
    (eg. when you want to have the same environment on a new server)

dev/  (Development related scripts)
    Integrates SVN status information into normal 'ls'. Intended to be aliased
    to replace ls in the shell.

system/ (System/Server related scripts)
    Intended to be run from cron to provide emergency sshd restart in case
    you manage to kill it. Resorts to providing a crude shell to a "rescue"
    server using nc if it can't get sshd to start again.
		Script I use to keep my Gentoo Linux Router/Gateway box connected to the
		wireless and Internet. Designed so as that the box can shut down when
		it's not needed, and will only connect the Internet when there are other
		hosts on the wireless network.
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