Generates a simple HTML file based upon my custom timesheet format.
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Generates a simple HTML file based upon my custom timesheet format.

I can then embed this on my OSX Dashboard to be able to see how I'm
progressing throughout the day/week/month.

It's probably not so useful to you, unless you happen to like my
worklog format.

I run the script every 5 minutes with cron so as that the HTML stays
up-to-date. The page is set to auto-refresh every 2.5 minutes.

The colours change when I have done at least 5 hours of work per day,
and 25 hours per week.

 * tail_from_sentinel


  logstats INPUTFILE.txt OUTPUTFILE.html

Worklog Format

I use a text based worklog format for all my timekeeping.

This is a simple text file that sits in my Dropbox, and it symlinked to
my home. I keep it open in an editor all day so as that I can quickly jot
down when my task changes.

It works great for unexpected interruptions, as I can quickly update it
when I am back, or even while I am on the phone (only need to type the time
I answer the call).

The format looks like this :

  0900 ABC 1234567 1012
  1015 ABC 9876543 1100
  1100 ABC Deploy 1110

  1200 XY1 2345678 1230

Each day has a simple header in DDMMMYYYY format, where YYYY is
optional where it is the same as the record before.

Within the day, each line follows a simple format :
 * the start time (in 24hr)

 * a message, which starts with a 3-character project code (if billable).
   I usually follow this with a Pivotal Tracker Story ID, or a note
   about what I was doing.
   If it's not billable work, I might use this space to log an
   unexpected call for instance.
   This field is freeform, with the project picked up if it's there.

 * the end time (in 24hr). It's fine for this to be in the next day.
   Eg: 2330 ABC allnighter 0230

 * Tests!
 * Make it more customizable. Not everyone has the same thresholds that I keep.