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A presentation on better code reviews using the Liz Lerman Critical Response Process
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License: CC BY 4.0

Critical Response Talk

By Jacob Stoebel

This is a talk on Liz Lerman's Critical Response Process. See for more information. It began as a talk at PyOhio 2017 and will be given at Ruby Conf 2017

This slide show is written using remark.js. All dependencies are local (no Internet connection needed). Just load index.html in any browser and you're good to go!

Presentation Hotkeys

taken from remark github Press C to clone a display; then press P to switch to presenter mode. Open help menu with h.

Building the presentation

Remark allows you to include slides from a separate .md file, but chrome and possibly other browsers does not let javascript access other files when using the file protocol. To solve this we could spin up a web server to serve index.html but...bleg. We could also drop the content from directly into an html file but that's confusing for most text editors. Instead, we're using a python script to "build" the presentation (really just inserting the markdown contents into index.html). This repo should come pre built (meaning index.html) is ready to load in any browser, but if you want to make changes you'll need to run to rebuild the project. To do so:

  1. Spin up a virtual environment (optional but recommended)
  2. run pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. run python

index.html should contain your updates.

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