A Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Game with freecodecamp.com
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Dungeon Crawler

A React based Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Game with freecodecamp.com. https://jstoebel-dungeon-crawler.herokuapp.com/

The game accomplishes the following user stories:

  • I have health, a level, and a weapon. I can pick up a better weapon. I can pick up health items.
  • All the items and enemies on the map are arranged at random.
  • I can move throughout a map, discovering items.
  • I can move anywhere within the map's boundaries, but I can't move through an enemy until I've beaten it.
  • Much of the map is hidden. When I take a step, all spaces that are within a certain number of spaces from me are revealed.
  • When I beat an enemy, the enemy goes away and I get XP, which eventually increases my level.
  • When I fight an enemy, we take turns damaging each other until one of us loses. I do damage based off of my level and my weapon. The enemy does damage based off of its level. Damage is somewhat random within a range.
  • When I find and beat the boss, I win.
  • The game should be challenging, but theoretically winnable.

Implementation notes

  • Each square on the map is a React component called Cell.

  • Each Cell has as its contents as its props. They are one of the following:

    • empty
    • player
    • a monster
    • a boss monster
    • a weapon upgrade
    • a health item
  • When the user presses any key, a single method is called that performs the following:

    • determine if the key was an arrow key (only valid keys in the game). Do nothing if not.

    • fetch the contents of the cell in the immediate direction the player wanted to move.

    • interact with that cell:

      • empty -> move to it
      • wall -> stay put
      • monster or boss -> fight
      • weapon -> upgrade weapon strength
      • health -> increase health (limit 100)
  • Additionally, there are several dedicated methods to handle the altering of state. For example pickupHealth increases the health of the player by 10. upgradeWeapon increases the strength of the players damage according to specific logic. In other words, dedicated functions are responsible for altering parts of the state. In the future I would like to refactor to have Redux assume this responsibility.