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A module for easier management of personal keybindings in your .emacs
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If you have lots of keybindings set in your .emacs file, it can be hard to know which ones you haven't set yet -- and which may now be overriding some new default in a new Emacs version. This module aims to solve that problem.

Bind keys as follows in your .emacs:

(require 'bind-key)

(bind-key "C-c x" 'my-ctrl-c-x-command)

If you want the keybinding to override all minor modes that may also bind the same key, use the bind-key* form:

(bind-key* "<C-return>" 'other-window)

If you want to rebind a key only for a particular mode, use:

(bind-key "C-c x" 'my-ctrl-c-x-command some-other-mode-map)

To unbind a key within a keymap (for example, to stop your favorite major mode from changing a binding that you don't want to override everywhere), use unbind-key:

(unbind-key "C-c x" some-other-mode-map)

After Emacs loads, you can see a summary of all your personal keybindings currently in effect with this command:

M-x describe-personal-keybindings

It will tell you if you've overriden a default keybinding, and what that default was. Also, it will tell you if the key was rebound after your binding it with bind-key, and what it was rebound it to.

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