Boilerplate code for a brochure site. Uses the 'brochure' gem.
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Brochure Boilerplate

Some boilerplate code for getting started with Brochure.

First Time Around

The first time around you'll need to pull in all the gems that the app needs. You can do this with

$ bundle

Starting The Development Server

You can start the development server from this directory with

$ rackup

That will start the site locally at http://localhost:9292. You should not need to restart the server when you change files, just reload the page.

Adding New Templates

See the Brochure README file for information about URL mapping:

Basically just add your files to the templates/ directory. Use the .md extension for Markdown files, the .erb extension for erb files, etc.

Sass and Coffeescript should already be installed, so you can add those files to the public directory named like style.css.scss. Then if you include style.css in one of your templates the file will be automatically compiled for you.