Scripts for quickly setting up MySql databases for development.
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Scripts for quickly setting up a temporary MySQL databases for development.

Quick start Windows

  • Install Docker
  • Clone this repo
  • Right Click on the bin\start-mysql-dev.ps1 file
  • Run with PowerShell
  • See the PowerShell console for how to connect to the database

Quick start OS X and Linux

  • Install Docker
  • Clone this repo
  • Run the bin/ file
  • See the console for how to connect to the database


Clone this repo and replace the DOCKER_HUB_IMAGE in and start-mysql-dev.ps1 with the version of MySQL or MariaDB you are using in your production system.

Replace the scripts in sql/base with scripts to load your starting/test database. You can test your startup script by re-running mysql_run_dir from the command line inside the container.

Publish your new repo to your team. This will give them a starting database for development. If you use appropriate re-run safe syntax, you can use this same technique for deploying your production database changes.

By adding these scripts into your source code, you can include a development/test MySQL server with your code. You can track database schema changes along side source code changes in the source control system.

Advanced Options

The *.sql scripts are run in sort -V order in each of the following directories:

  • sql/pre
  • sql/base
  • sql/seed
  • sql/post

You can used a modified version of this technique for production omitting the appropriate directories. This will just publish database changes to production.

Put data for bug regression testing in the sql/seed directory to speed regression testing by developers. Skip the sql/seed directory for production deployments.

To run multiple MySQL containers at the same time on the same machine, you have to change the CONTAINER_NAME and EXTERNAL_MYSQL_PORT in the start-mysql-dev.ps1 and files.


MySQL in Docker for FasterDevelopment and Testing