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  1. Merged #3890 add a better fix for the UserConfigurationCompare functionality; so better detect what properties to ignore in the comparison (parts of ObjectMeta and status properties by default) fabric8io/fabric8
  2. Merged #3889 re-enabled the openshift forge addons now they build on v1beta3 fabric8io/fabric8
  3. Merged #3887 use better default imagePullPolicy when using snapshots fabric8io/fabric8
  4. Merged #3886 removed old kubernetes-mbeans code fabric8io/fabric8
  5. Merged #3883 fixes for v1beta3 fabric8io/fabric8
  6. Merged #3882 add support for creating OAuthClient fabric8io/fabric8
  7. Merged #3881 fix duplicate bug when combining json files fabric8io/fabric8
  8. Merged #3880 fix up v1beta3 gremlins fabric8io/fabric8
  9. Merged #365 quickstarts mostly working on v1beta3 fabric8io/quickstarts
  10. Merged #3879 fixed up the v1beta3 urls and fixed up more NPEs and added a few helper methods to get quickstarts almost working fabric8io/fabric8
  11. Merged #3878 added a helper method and avoided NPE when missing metadata fabric8io/fabric8
  12. Merged #364 added a liveness probe to jenkins so that we can ensure we can talk to docker fabric8io/quickstarts
  13. Merged #3876 fixes #3875 fabric8io/fabric8
  14. Merged #3873 move the code gen jobs first fabric8io/fabric8
  15. Merged #3872 improvements for mvn fabric8:apply for templates fabric8io/fabric8
  16. Merged #363 lets actually pass in the env var from the template - doh! :) fabric8io/quickstarts
  17. Merged #3870 fixed templates fabric8io/fabric8
  18. Merged #361 add templates for gogs and jenkins so we can configure the gogs domain or the jenkins seed project git repo fabric8io/quickstarts
  19. Merged #3868 handle missing id/names easier fabric8io/fabric8
  20. Merged #3867 fix up template combining fabric8io/fabric8
  21. Merged #360 re-enable hubot-letschat now templates are working again fabric8io/quickstarts
  22. Merged #3866 fixes templates fabric8io/fabric8
  23. Merged #3865 update schema version fabric8io/fabric8
  24. Merged #3864 handle long or int in the model fabric8io/fabric8
  25. Merged #3863 upgrade to latest schema fabric8io/fabric8
  26. Merged #359 fixes for https://github.com/fabric8io/fabric8/issues/3861 fabric8io/quickstarts
  27. Merged #3862 fixes #3861 so that we can easily parse any kubernetes/openshift structure including KubernetesList and Template using the kind property to map to the classes fabric8io/fabric8
  28. Merged #3860 support templates in mvn fabric8:apply fabric8io/fabric8
  29. Merged #3859 lets polish the template generation so we put all the kubernetes resources inside the template fabric8io/fabric8
  30. Merged #3858 polished use of templates fabric8io/fabric8
  31. Merged #3857 handle headless services better fabric8io/fabric8
  32. Merged #3856 improve the fabric8 maven tooling fabric8io/fabric8
  33. Merged #357 #3850 create a more modular set of app groups so folks can pick and choose which bits of fabric8 they want fabric8io/quickstarts
  34. Merged #3855 #3850 lets output a summary of the generated json so its easier to grok what are the main generated kubernetes resources fabric8io/fabric8
  35. Merged #3854 add a route for the docker registry fabric8io/fabric8
  36. Merged #3853 #3846 improvements fabric8io/fabric8
  37. Closed #356 first spike of https://github.com/fabric8io/fabric8/issues/3850 to create a single base kubernetes json or a kitchen sink json file for easier installations on an existing OpenShift environment fabric8io/quickstarts
  38. Merged #3851 first spike of #3850 fabric8io/fabric8
  39. Merged #353 disabled failing test section fabric8io/quickstarts
  40. Merged #352 fix CD build fabric8io/quickstarts
  41. Merged #351 fixed CD tests fabric8io/quickstarts
  42. Merged #3847 #3846 to improve fabric8:apply fabric8io/fabric8
  43. Merged #3845 upgraded furnace fabric8io/fabric8
  44. Merged #348 upgrade furnace version fabric8io/quickstarts

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