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Deft: Easy Distributed Feature Tracking

Deft is a simple distributed feature tracker (aka issue tracker, task tracker) designed to work with a distributed version control system such as Git.

Goals / Principles

  • all features have status (e.g. new, in-development, ready-for-testing, ready-for-deployment)
  • absolute prioritisation of features that have the same status
  • store feature database alongside the code in VCS, not in another tool
  • store the feature database in plain-text files that play well with VCS and diff/merge tools
  • don't re-implement functionality that is already in the VCS

Getting Started

Deft is in an early stage of development so there's no convenient installer yet. To get it up and running:

  • Make sure you have Python 2.7 and virtualenv installed
  • Check out the repo
  • Run make env to create a python environment for development
  • Run make to run all the tests.
  • The dev-deft script will run deft from the development environment, so you don't need to install anything by hand. Run dev-deft --help for help.

Now read the Quickstart Guide.

Issue Tracking

Issues are tracked with Deft itself. If you want to raise issues:

  • Fork the repo & check it out locally
  • Follow the 'Getting Started' steps
  • use the ./dev-deft command to create a new issue
  • commit the new issue
  • send a pull request

Yes... there should be a tool to make this process simpler and easy for a project's users to do.