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City Tour

Visit a procedurally generated city, different each time. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Made using three.js and WebGL.

How It Works

First, blueprints of the world are generated:

  • A terrain map
  • A road network that follows the terrain
  • Empty building lots along roads
  • Buildings in the lots

The results are different each time due to random variation, but follow configurable rules.

Next, this abstract definition is turned into a 3D model that can be rendered with WebGL, with the help of three.js.

Once this is all created, you can move around the city using touch gestures (mobile) or the mouse (desktop). Navigation works similar to Google/Apple Maps. You can also click the "Take a Tour" button to go on an automatic flight/drive through the city.

Building / Running Locally

  • If first time building, run yarn install
  • Run yarn build-dev, which will build the app in the dist/ folder
  • Open dist/city_tour.html in your browser (make sure running a local server such as MAMP)
  • To automatically rebuild when source files change, run yarn build-dev --watch instead

Building for Production

  • Run yarn build-prod
  • dist/ folder will contain the files that should be deployed to production

Running Tests

  • yarn test
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