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A miniature tone generator written in Ruby, intended to show how to create a minimal Ruby program that generates sound.

For a detailed description of how it works, check out this blog post: http://www.joelstrait.com/nanosynth_create_sound_with_ruby/


  • Download nanosynth.rb
  • Install the WaveFile gem: gem install wavefile --version 0.8.1

Example Usage

NanoSynth expects 3 arguments: the waveform, frequency, and amplitude. It will then generate 1 second of sound and write it to a file called mysound.wav in the current directory.

For example:

ruby nanosynth.rb square 440.0 0.2

The command above will generate a square wave of 440Hz, at 20% full volume, and write it to mysound.wav in the current directory.

The waveform can be one of sine, square, saw, triangle, or noise.