Babel support for JSTransformers.
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Babel support for JSTransformers.

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npm install jstransformer-babel


var babel = require('jstransformer')(require('jstransformer-babel'))

var src = 'let a = 0'
var transformed = babel.render(src, {presets: ['es2015']})
//=> '"use strict";\n\nvar a = 0;'

Only render method is implemented, which means that through the JSTransformer architecture all render* APIs are available.

Passing options to Babel is supported as well, and all options unsupported by Babel are filtered out before passing them to Babel.

In babel@6 (jstransformer-babel@2), the default of transpiling from ES2015 is removed. As a result, in order to transpile from ES2015 just like in jstransformer-babel@2, pass in ['es2015'] as the value of the presets option, just like in the example above. If that is too laborious, you can look into using a .babelrc file.

Babel configuration files like .babelrc are also supported. They can only be detected if you use the renderFile* APIs or manually pass in a filename option.