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=== About mpvim
mpvim adds MacPorts support to vim. This currently includes syntax coloring for
Portfiles and running lint from vim.
=== Manual installation
Run 'make install' or copy the files in this directory into ~/.vim.
=== Installation via MacPorts
Run 'sudo port install mpvim'; the files will be placed into
share/vim/vimfiles under the MacPorts prefix (/opt/local by default).
=== Usage
* :make runs 'port lint' on the Portfile in the current buffer
* :MPpatch <url> applies the patch located at <url> to the Portfile
in the current buffer and shows the differences with vimdiff. Also
automatically fetches the patch format in case the diff is on trac.
* add 'let g:portfile_highlight_space_errors=1' to your .vimrc to highlight mixed
spaces and tabs in Portfiles as errors
* mpvim supports snipMate (
snippets. "new<Tab>" in a new buffer named Portfile will create a new
Portfile skeleton. Subsequent <Tab>'s will cycle through the variables.
More snippets are available for variants, build phases etc. Take a look
at snippets/portfile.vim for the complete list