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node-news-is-good-news was created to help demonstrate how to organize your express application. Specifically, we introduce the idea of controllers and break out the routes from the app.js file. This repo has 7 different remote feature branches that each build upon each other, but after 7 steps we end up with a blogging site that allows us to create, edit, delete and read different articles. (CRUD)


  • Clone this repo git clone
  • Switch between branches to follow along with the creation progression of the site using the commands git checkout part1, git checkout part2...etc.
  • When we introduce models and mongo you will need to have mongo installed and running. Step4 covers getting mongo up and running.

Things to notice

In each remote branch, 'part1', 'part2'...the readme file updates with notes about that section. You should be sure to checkout those notes for what to look for, along with some helpful tips.

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