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volo template to set up a responsive web app based on the Twitter Bootstrap
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This web project has the following setup:

  • www/ - the web assets for the project
    • index.html - the entry point into the app.
    • js/ - the directory to hold scripts.
      • app.js - the top-level app script used by index.html. It loads all other scripts.
      • app/ - the directory to store app-specific scripts. Any third party scripts should go in the js/ directory.
  • tools/ - the build tools to optimize the project. Also contains the less files used by Twitter Bootstrap.

By default, the package comes with the .css files already generated from the .less files. If you edit the tools/less files again, you can regenerate the CSS files by running the following command from this directory:

> volo.js less

To optimize the project for deployment, run:

> volo.js build

This will create an optimized version of the project in a www-built directory. The js/app.js file will be optimized to include all of its dependencies.

For more information on the optimizer:

For more information on using requirejs:

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