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A command line JavaScript tool for JavaScript-based projects. It likes GitHub.

The basic tool is a generic command completion tool -- you can create new commands for volo, and you can use commands others have created.

By default, volo knows how to:

It is still very early in development. Lots may change and it has some sharp corners, but it is already fun to use. It is just one file, so it is easy to try out and discard.


  • Node 0.6.5 or later installed.
  • Probably does not work on Windows (needs tar and gzip). Want it to work on Windows? Help out with issue #1.


The latest release is 0.0.5, but you can use the latest tag to always get the latest release:

> curl https://raw.github.com/volojs/volo/latest/dist/volo > volo
> chmod +x volo

If you like to live dangerously on the edge, use the master version:


It is best to put volo in your path, but do not install it as root.

Suggested path so that it is always available:

> mkdir ~/scripts
> cd ~/scripts
> curl https://raw.github.com/volojs/volo/latest/dist/volo > volo
> chmod +x volo

Then add ~/scripts to your PATH in your .profile.

Since it is just a single JS file, you can have multiple copies laying around, tailored to use specific commands for specific purposes.


volo can use GitHub to retrieve code, so one of the core concepts when using it is understanding user/repo for archive names. See the add doc for more info on the types of archive names to use.

To set up an AMD/RequireJS-based project called fast that uses AMD versions of Backbone, jQuery and underscore:

> volo create fast
> cd fast
> volo add jquery/jquery
> volo add amdjs/underscore  (fetches most recent version tag with AMD)
> volo add amdjs/backbone    (fetches most recent version tag with AMD)

Then modify www/js/app.js to require the modules you need and add your app logic.

If you want to indicate your desire to see the AMD changes integrated directly into underscore or backbone, please watch the amdjs/underscore and amdjs/backbone repositories. By doing so, it will hopefully give the library authors an indication of how many people would benefit from the code integration.

If you prefer to use underscore and backbone from their sources, instead of using the amdjs forks that include nice AMD registration, you can use amdify to convert the files fetched from the documentcloud repos:

> volo create fast2
> cd fast2
> volo add jquery/jquery
> volo add -amd documentcloud/underscore exports=_
> volo add -amd documentcloud/backbone depends=underscore,jquery exports=Backbone

The amdify conversions are not as pretty as the amdjs handmade ones. However, it can be useful to use the documentcloud sources particularly if you want to use older releases of underscore and backbone.

If you would prefer to have the documentcloud repos include native AMD registration, click the Watch button for the amdjs forks of underscore and backbone, so we can help give the documentcloud group real data on how many people find would find it useful.

To set up an HTML5 Boilerplate project that does not use AMD/RequireJS, but does use Backbone and underscore (the Boilerplate already has jQuery):

> volo create html5fast h5bp/html5-boilerplate
> cd html5fast
> volo add documentcloud/underscore
> volo add documentcloud/backbone