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Automatically add all CUPS shared printers to a Mac OS X system.
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README connects to a remote CUPS server, retrieves its printer list, and tries to add the printer locally with a locally installed driver.

----- servername

To run without interaction, ./ requires the following preferences to be defined in the domain:
    server - The hostname of your CUPS server.
    username - A user on the local machine who can use the CUPS web administration interface.
    password - That user's password

The easiest way to create this is to run the following commands as root:
    defaults write server hostname
    defaults write username administrator
    defaults write password xxxx

This will create /var/root/Library/Preferences/

Precedence for preferences follows:
 - MCX
 - /var/root/Library/Preferences/
 - /Library/Preferences/

The only 3rd party module this uses is pycups.

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