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TXP Mimima

February 17, 2013

Welcome to the latest version of TXP Minima, a simple front-end theme for Textpattern CMS based on the excellent Foundation framework by Zurb.


To install this and use this theme, all you need to do is:

  1. Install and activate the glz_custom_fields plugin
  2. Copy the included default, archive and error_default pages over your current page templates (back up first if you’d like to revert back to them later)
  3. Set up the custom fields as set out in the /screenshots image folder
  4. Ensure that you have the current Foundation folders and files (this download includes the current version – Foundation 3.2.0) installed on your server
  5. Ensure you edit the page templates to add your own social links, fonts and a large favicon (64×64px) etc…
  6. Use the custom fields as indicated when creating/editing your articles

Theme specifics

The TXP Minima theme is designed to be used as a ‘tumblelog’ style of blog. Users may enjoy the ability to set various pre-set content types (blog, media, video, link, quote) and style each one accordingly.

To change the in-built markup for the content types, simply edit one of the custom field blocks in the default page template.

The stylesheet – site.css – is designed to add to and/or override style rules from foundation.css. Foundation by default uses app.css for this and you can copy/paste the style rules to app.css if you prefer.


Any updates to the theme will be placed on GitHub.

Theme usage

The theme is very easy to change should you wish to do so thanks to Foundation. Sites that use this theme (or a customised version) include:

  1. http://jonathanstubbs.com/
  2. http://piapetterson.com/


If you have any questions or comments, please post in the Textpattern Support Forum thread.

Enjoy the theme!