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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
require File.expand_path('../lib/wonderdog/version', __FILE__) do |gem| = 'wonderdog'
gem.homepage = ''
gem.licenses = ["Apache 2.0"] = ''
gem.authors = ['Infochimps', 'Philip (flip) Kromer', 'Jacob Perkins', 'Travis Dempsey', 'Dhruv Bansal']
gem.version = Wonderdog::VERSION
gem.summary = 'Make Hadoop and ElasticSearch play together nicely.'
gem.description = <<-EOF
Wonderdog provides code in both Ruby and Java to make Elasticsearch
a more fully-fledged member of both the Hadoop and Wukong
For the Java side, Wonderdog provides InputFormat and OutputFormat
classes for use with Hadoop (esp. Hadoop Streaming) and Pig.
For the Ruby side, Wonderdog provides extensions for wu-hadoop to
make running Hadoop Streaming jobs written in Wukong against
ElasticSearch easier.
gem.files = `git ls-files`.split("\n")
gem.executables = []
gem.test_files = gem.files.grep(/^spec/)
gem.require_paths = ['lib']
gem.add_dependency('wukong', '3.0.0.pre3')
gem.add_dependency('wukong-hadoop', '>= 0.0.2')