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Set up infrastructure

Setup Pre-requisites: vnet, public ips, acr

cd pre-reqs
terraform init
terraform apply
cd ..

Set up a few varaibles we will use through out the next steps:

subid=$(az account show -o json | jq -r .id)
subnetid=$(az network vnet subnet show -n aks-subnet -g tmp-lpsp-vnet --vnet-name lpsp-network | jq -r .id)


Create the Service principal with least amount of required permissions

First update the Custom Role Definitions to use your subscription ID:

sed -i 's|SUBID|'${subid}'|g' role-definitions/aks-reader.json
sed -i 's|SUBID|'${subid}'|g' role-definitions/vnet-reader.json

This will create and assign roles to the service principal:

# Create a service principal (if you already have one then can skip creation)
clientsecret=$(az ad sp create-for-rbac --skip-assignment -n $spname -o json | jq -r .password)

# This uses the defaults which can be overridden (see script)
./create-aks-sp.sh $spname

Create AKS cluster with the Service principal

clientid=$(az ad sp show --id "http://$spname" | jq -r .appId)

cd aks
terraform init
terraform apply --var "vnet_subnet_id=$subnetid" \
    --var "client_id=$clientid" \
    --var "subscription_id=$subid" \
    --var "client_secret=$clientsecret" \
    --var-file dev.tfvars
cd ..

note: Client secret was set when create-aks-sp.sh was run. If you were adding permissions to an existing Service principal you will need to set $clientsecret manually.

Test IP address creation

You can confirm your deployment into the vnet by looking at the ip addresses allocated.

Build an image and store it in ACR:

cd k8s
az acr build --registry $acrname --image whoami:v1 .

To test IP allocation and pulling from ACR:

serverlogin=$(az acr show --name $acrname --query loginServer --output tsv)

az aks get-credentials -n $aksclustername -g $aksrg
kubectl create secret docker-registry acr-auth --docker-server $serverlogin \
    --docker-username $clientid \
    --docker-password $clientsecret \
    --docker-email test@test.com

ipaddress=$(az network public-ip list --resource-group tmp-lpsp-ip --query "[0].ipAddress" --output tsv)
sed -i 's|IPADDRESS|'${ipaddress}'|g' deployment.yml

kubectl apply -f deployment.yaml