A chart for Azure Functions running on Kubernetes
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Helm Chart for Azure Functions on Kubernetes


There are a few settings you should override:

  • functionApp.name - name of your function apps your using
  • resources.requests.cpu - required for Pod Autoscaler to work
  • image.repository - Should be your image with your function app running in it (see http://www.jamessturtevant.com/posts/Running-the-Azure-Functions-runtime-in-kubernetes/ for creating a docker image with the azure functions runtime in it)
  • scale.maxReplicas - max number of replicas
  • scale.minReplicas - min number of replicas
  • scale.cpuUtilizationPercentage - cpu percentage

An example would be:

helm install --set functionApp.name=sampleapp \
             --set resources.requests.cpu=200m \
             --set image.repository=vyta/functions \
             --set scale.maxReplicas=10 \
             --set scale.minReplicas=1 \
             --set scale.cpuUtilizationPercentage=50 \


If you want to see what install might look like:

helm install --debug --dry-run --set resources.requests.cpu=200m ./az-func-k8

Test the scaling

Test that the scaling works:

docker run -it busybox /bin/sh
\#: 		while true; do wget -q -O- http://<your-ipaddress>/api/httpfunction?name=testingload; done 

In a separate terminal run:

kubectl get hpa
kubectl get deploy <deployment-name>