Recipes for building multi-platform Kotlin modules.
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Recipes for Multi-Platform Kotlin Modules

This project is a testbed for multi-platform Kotlin modules. It shows how you could implement modules that have code that is common for all platforms, and that may need platform-specific code for (some of) its types and functions.

Note that you have to change settings in IntelliJ IDEA to be able to build the project and run the examples from your IDE. See the item about IntelliJ IDEA under current issues below.

Recipes for unit tests for common and platform-specific code are available. Execute the following command to run the Java tests. The test output can be found in jvm/build/reports/tests/test/index.html:

./gradlew :jvm:test

Execute the following command to run the JavaScript tests. The test output can be found in the build output:

./gradlew :js:test

Current Issues

Not everything is working as it should as multi-platform support is still being developed. This is the list of known issues:

  • IntelliJ IDEA support using stable plug-ins is broken. The experience should be better with an EAP or development build, and using the associated Gradle plug-in and standard library from the Kotlin development repository:
    • You have to build and run the examples using the Gradle runner by enabling the following setting: Settings » Build, Execution, Deployment » Gradle » Runner » Delegate IDE build/run actions to gradle), or use the command line. To run the Java app:

        ./gradlew :jvm-app:run

      Or to run the JavaScript app:

        ./gradlew :js-app:runDceKotlinJs

      And open js-app/JsApp.html. The JavaScript has been mapped to the sources of the Kotlin standard library and module js, so you can set breakpoints in Kotlin code. Note that for some reason, the source maps are not available if you open the browser from within IntelliJ. Copy the file path of jsApp.html and paste that in the address bar of your browser.

      If you want to use the minified JavaScript run:

        ./gradlew :js-app:minifyJs

      And open js-app/JsApp-minified.html.