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CALCULATOR is a simple Xamarin.Forms Calculator.

The objectives of the demo application is:

  • Explain how to create unit testing project.
  • Create Xamarin.UITest project.
  • How to use Xamarin Test Recorder.
  • Use Xamarin Test Cloud.
  • Use Visual Studio Mobile Center.

##Three platforms The app targets three platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
    • UWP supported only in Visual Studio, not Xamarin Studio


  • Visual Studio 2015 (14.0 or higher) to compile C# 6 langage features (or Visual Studio MacOS)
  • Xamarin add-ons for Visual Studio (available via the Visual Studio installer)
  • Visual Studio Community Edition is fully supported!
  • Android SDK Tools 25.2.3 or higher
  • JDK 8.0

Copyright and license

Code released under the MIT license.