Fast approximate LCH word to word similarity Computation. Runs between 800x and 3000x faster than WS4J
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Fast Semantic Similarity Embedding

Fast LCH word to word similarity Computation

This library (FSE) computes a metric embedding from the Wordnet hypernym shortest path-distance (Leacock and Chodorow/LCH similarity measure) into the Hamming hypercube of dimension 128.

This allows very fast computation of approximate, highly correlated LCH similarities between two words. Compared to existing libraries such as wS4J, FSE is up to 3000 faster and is also way more compact in memory.

How it works

The relatedness measure proposed by Leacock and Chodorow (lch) is -log (length / (2 * D)), where length is the length of the shortest path between the two synsets (using node-counting) and D is the maximum depth of the taxonomy.

To compute the distance between two nodes in Wordnet, an algorithm must first compute length which is the shortest path between the two nodes. This shortest path computation on the Wordnet hypernym lattice is equivalent to a shortest path in a graph, i.e. the complexity is O(|V|+|E|) using a standard BFS approach.

FSE uses a different approach, it firsts computes an embedding of all Wordnet nodes into the Hamming hypercube. Concretely, each node is given a 128-bit signature, these signatures have the property that their pairwise Hamming distances are very correlated to their Leacock and Chodorow similarities (Pearson: .819; Spearman: .82).

Using FSE, the distance between two words is computed like this:

dog:                   |0101110101|
cat:                   |0101110111|
XOR(dog,cat) =         |0000000010|
POPCNT(XOR(dog,cat)) = 1

XOR and POPCNT being fast instructions on modern processors, this allows very fast computations of pairwise semantic similarities.

Project Structure

The project is a Maven project containing different submodules :

Command Description
lch-embedding parent project
lch-embedding-benchmark JMH Benchmarks to evaluate runtime performance
lch-embedding-core basic datastructures used in almost in every module
lch-embedding-hashing various algorithms to perform the metric embedding
lch-embedding-jaws extended version of JAWS that allows to access Synset IDs
lch-embedding-kb-import Wordnet import
lch-embedding-utils misc, including measures on tree: branching factor, depth,..


The research behind this project is described in the following paper :

Julien Subercaze, Christophe Gravier, Frédérique Laforest:
On metric embedding for boosting semantic similarity computations. ACL (2) 2015: 8-14