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package scalax.config.test
import scalax.functional.{Functor,Monad,Applicative,ApplicativeMagic}
import scalax.config.Config
import scalax.functional.Implicits._
class DataStore(connection: java.sql.Connection) {
class WorkerPool() {}
class Application(ds: DataStore, pool: WorkerPool) {
def doStuff = "Go Go Main Application!"
// This test shows how to configure a software application using the Config monad.
object Test {
// Default properties
def properties = Config.propertyfile(new""))
// JDBC properties
def jdbcUrl = Config.environment("jdbc.url") orElse"jdbc.url"))
def jdbcUser = Config.environment("jdbc.user") orElse"jdbc.user"))
def jdbcPw = Config.environment("") orElse""))
// For a better example, configure a connection pool
def connection = Applicative build jdbcUrl and jdbcUser and jdbcPw apply java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection
// Building subsystems using components.
def dataStore = connection map (new DataStore(_))
def workerPool = Config(new WorkerPool)
def system = Applicative build dataStore and workerPool apply (new Application(_,_))
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
system.get.getOrElse(error("Error reading configuration for main system")).doStuff