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// tweakpng.h
#ifndef TWEAKPNG_H
#define TWEAKPNG_H
// Symbols, characters, etc., that are different when Unicode is disabled.
#ifdef UNICODE
#define SYM_COPYRIGHT _T("\xa9")
#define SYM_TIMES _T("\xd7")
#define SYM_MICROMETERS _T("\x3bcm")
#define SYM_MIDDOT _T("\xb7")
#define SYM_ENDASH _T("\x2013")
#define SYM_HORZBAR _T("\x2015")
#define SYM_LSQUO _T("\x2018")
#define SYM_RSQUO _T("\x2019")
#define SYM_LDQUO _T("\x201c")
#define SYM_RDQUO _T("\x201d")
#define SYM_COPYRIGHT "(c)"
#define SYM_TIMES "x"
#define SYM_MICROMETERS "micrometers"
#define SYM_MIDDOT "-"
#define SYM_ENDASH "-"
#define SYM_HORZBAR "---"
#define SYM_LSQUO "'"
#define SYM_RSQUO "'"
#define SYM_LDQUO "\""
#define SYM_RDQUO "\""
#define TWEAKPNG_VER_STRING _T("1.4.4")
#define TWEAKPNG_COPYRIGHT_DATE _T("1999") SYM_ENDASH _T("2012")
#define ID_STBAR 19000
//#define ID_IMGVIEWER 19100
#define ID_UPDATEVIEWER 19101
#define IMG_UNKNOWN 0
#define IMG_PNG 1
#define IMG_MNG 2
#define IMG_JNG 3
#define CHUNK_IHDR 1
#define CHUNK_IEND 2
#define CHUNK_IDAT 3
#define CHUNK_PLTE 4
#define CHUNK_bKGD 5
#define CHUNK_cHRM 6
#define CHUNK_gAMA 7
#define CHUNK_hIST 8
#define CHUNK_pHYs 9
#define CHUNK_sBIT 10
#define CHUNK_tEXt 11
#define CHUNK_tIME 12
#define CHUNK_tRNS 13
#define CHUNK_zTXt 14
// v1.2 chunks:
#define CHUNK_sRGB 15
#define CHUNK_iCCP 16
#define CHUNK_iTXt 17
#define CHUNK_sPLT 18
// v1.3
#define CHUNK_sTER 19
// v1.4
#define CHUNK_dSIG 20
// MNG-specific chunks
#define CHUNK_MHDR 200
#define CHUNK_LOOP 201
#define CHUNK_ENDL 202
#define CHUNK_DEFI 203
#define CHUNK_JHDR 204
#define CHUNK_BASI 205
#define CHUNK_CLON 206
#define CHUNK_DHDR 207
#define CHUNK_PAST 208
#define CHUNK_DISC 209
#define CHUNK_BACK 210
#define CHUNK_FRAM 211
#define CHUNK_MOVE 212
#define CHUNK_CLIP 213
#define CHUNK_SHOW 214
#define CHUNK_TERM 215
#define CHUNK_SAVE 216
#define CHUNK_SEEK 217
#define CHUNK_MEND 218
#define CHUNK_eXPI 230
#define CHUNK_fPRI 231
#define CHUNK_nEED 232
#define CHUNK_pHYg 233
#define CHUNK_JDAT 234
#define CHUNK_JSEP 235
#define CHUNK_PROM 236
#define CHUNK_IPNG 237
#define CHUNK_PPLT 238
#define CHUNK_IJNG 239
#define CHUNK_DROP 240
#define CHUNK_DBYK 241
#define CHUNK_ORDR 242
// APNG-specific chunks
#define CHUNK_acTL 300
#define CHUNK_fcTL 301
#define CHUNK_fdAT 302
// Other known private chunks
#define CHUNK_CgBI 310
// registered PNG extensions:
#define CHUNK_oFFs 501
#define CHUNK_pCAL 502
#define CHUNK_sCAL 503
#define CHUNK_gIFg 504
#define CHUNK_gIFx 505
#define CHUNK_gIFt 506 /* deprecated */
#define CHUNK_fRAc 507
#define MSG_S 1 // severe
#define MSG_E 0 // error
#define MSG_W 2 // warning
#define MSG_I 3 // information
#define CRCCOMPL(c) ((c)^0xffffffff)
struct windowpos_struct {
int x;
int y;
int w;
int h;
int max;
struct windowprefs_struct {
// don't change or rearrange the existing members of this
// structure, or saved settings will be screwed up
int version;
DWORD column_width[5];
struct windowpos_struct main;
struct windowpos_struct text;
struct windowpos_struct plte;
struct windowpos_struct viewer;
#define MAX_TOOL_NAME 80
#define MAX_TOOL_CMD 128
#define MAX_TOOL_PARAMS 80
typedef struct tools_t_struct {
} tools_t;
struct globals_struct {
int zlib_available;
int unicode_supported;
HWND hwndMain;
int dlgs_open; // Tracks whether a modal dialog is open.
int compression_level;
int use_gamma;
COLORREF custombgcolor;
int use_custombg;
int use_imagebg;
int vborder; // viewer border width
#define TWPNG_VS_FIT 1
#define TWPNG_VS_1_8 2
#define TWPNG_VS_1_4 3
#define TWPNG_VS_1_2 4
#define TWPNG_VS_1 5
#define TWPNG_VS_2 6
#define TWPNG_VS_4 7
#define TWPNG_VS_8 8
int vsize;
int window_bgcolor;
COLORREF custcolors[16];
int autoopen_viewer;
HCURSOR hcurDrag2;
int viewer_imgpos_x, viewer_imgpos_y;
struct windowprefs_struct window_prefs;
HWND hwndMainList;
HWND hwndStBar;
int stbar_height;
int timer_set;
UINT pngchunk_cf; // registered clipboard format
const TCHAR *twpng_homepage;
const TCHAR *twpng_reg_key;
TCHAR file_from_cmdline[MAX_PATH];
TCHAR last_open_dir[MAX_PATH];
TCHAR home_dir[MAX_PATH]; // dir that tweakpng.exe is in
TCHAR orig_dir[MAX_PATH]; // current dir when program started
DWORD crc_table[256]; // table of CRCs of all 8-bit messages
tools_t tools[TWPNG_NUMTOOLS];
void *viewer_p2d_globals; // Used by the viewer
DWORD update_crc(DWORD crc, unsigned char *buf, int len);
void write_int32(unsigned char *buf, DWORD x);
DWORD read_int32(unsigned char *x);
int read_int16(unsigned char *x);
void write_int16(unsigned char *buf, int x);
int GetLVSelection(HWND hwnd);
void SetLVSelection(HWND hwnd, int pos, int num);
int get_name_from_id(char *name, int x);
void mesg(int severity, const TCHAR *fmt, ...);
int choose_color_dialog(HWND hwnd, unsigned char *redp,
unsigned char *greenp, unsigned char *bluep);
void DroppedFiles(HDROP hDrop);
void GetPosInParent(HWND hwnd,RECT *rc);
void update_status_bar_and_viewer();
int can_edit_chunk_type(int ct);
void twpng_SetLVSelection(HWND hwnd, int pos1, int num);
LRESULT CALLBACK WndProcEditPal(HWND hwnd, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
int twpng_StoreWindowPos(HWND hwnd, struct windowpos_struct *q);
void twpng_SetWindowPos(HWND hwnd, const struct windowpos_struct *q);
void update_viewer();
int convert_tchar_to_latin1(const TCHAR *src, int srclen,
char **pdst, int *pdstlen);
int convert_latin1_to_tchar(const char *src, int srclen,
TCHAR **pdst, int *pdstlen);
#ifdef UNICODE
int convert_utf8_to_utf16(const void *src, int srclen,
WCHAR **pdst, int *pdstlen);
int convert_utf16_to_utf8(const WCHAR *src, int srclen,
char **pdst, int *pdstlen);
int twpng_uncompress_data(unsigned char **dataoutp, unsigned char *datain, int inlen);
int twpng_compress_data(unsigned char **dataoutp, unsigned char*datain, int inlen);
void twpng_get_libpng_version(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
class Png;
class Chunk;
struct text_info_struct {
int processed;
int is_compressed;
TCHAR *text; // not necessarily NUL terminated?
//unsigned char *uncompressed_data; // used only for zTXt
//int uncompressed_data_size;
int text_size_in_tchars; // not including trailing NUL (is there a trailing NUL?)
int uncompressed_data_tried; // did we try and fail to uncompress?
TCHAR *keyword;
TCHAR *language;
TCHAR *translated_keyword;
struct keyword_info_struct {
int keyword_len;
TCHAR keyword[80];
struct sCAL_data;
struct textdlgmetrics {
int border_buttonoffset;
int border_editx;
int border_edity;
int border_btn1y;
int border_btn2y;
struct edit_chunk_ctx {
Chunk *ch;
struct textdlgmetrics tdm;
int ImportICCProfileByFilename(Png *png, const TCHAR *fn);
int ImportICCProfile(Png *png);
class Chunk {
static INT_PTR CALLBACK DlgProcEditChunk(HWND hwnd, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
void after_init();
int write_to_file(HANDLE fh, int exp);
void get_text_descr(TCHAR *buf, int buflen); // buf must be 1000 chars or more
void get_text_descr_generic(TCHAR *buf, int buflen); // buf must be 1000 chars or more
int get_chunk_type_id(); // convert type into an integer
int copy_to_memory(unsigned char *m);
DWORD copy_segment_to_memory(unsigned char *buf, DWORD offset, DWORD len);
int init_from_memory(unsigned char *buf, int);
void set_chunktype_tchar_from_ascii();
void free_text_info();
int get_keyword_info(struct keyword_info_struct *kw);
DWORD calc_crc(); // calculates CRC, does not modify it
int edit(); // generic edit; calls the right edit_*() function
int can_edit(); // Can this chunk normally be edited?
void chunkmodified();
int is_critical();
int is_public();
int is_safe_to_copy();
unsigned char *data;
DWORD length; /* length of the DATA field */
DWORD m_crc;
char m_chunktype_ascii[5];
TCHAR m_chunktype_tchar[5];
int m_chunktype_id;
Png *m_parentpng;
int get_text_info();
int set_text_info(const TCHAR *keyword,
const TCHAR *language, const TCHAR *translated_keyword,
const TCHAR *indata, int is_compressed, int is_international);
int m_index; // sometimes used to hold the position in the parent chunk array
int m_flag; // sometimes used to remember if a chunk was selected
// used in handling text chunks
struct text_info_struct m_text_info;
void describe_IHDR(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_JHDR(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_MHDR(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_IEND(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_bKGD(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_PLTE(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_tRNS(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_gAMA(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_sBIT(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_cHRM(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_pHYs(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_tIME(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_hIST(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_text(TCHAR *buf, int buflen, int id);
void describe_sRGB(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_sTER(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_acTL(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_fcTL(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_fdAT(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_oFFs(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_sCAL(TCHAR *buf, int buflen);
void describe_keyword_chunk(TCHAR *buf, int buflen, const TCHAR *prefix);
int edit_plte_info();
int read_text_field(int offset, TCHAR *buf, int buflen, unsigned int flags);
void get_sCAL_data(struct sCAL_data *d);
void set_sCAL_data(const struct sCAL_data *d);
void init_sCAL_dlg(HWND hwnd);
void process_sCAL_dlg(HWND hwnd);
void init_iCCP_dlg(struct edit_chunk_ctx *ecctx, HWND hwnd);
void size_iCCP_dlg(struct edit_chunk_ctx *ecctx, HWND hwnd);
void process_iCCP_dlg(struct edit_chunk_ctx *ecctx, HWND hwnd);
int has_valid_length();
void msg_invalid_length(TCHAR *buf, int buflen, const TCHAR *name);
int msg_if_invalid_length(TCHAR *buf, int buflen, const TCHAR *name);
class Png {
Png(const TCHAR *load_fn, const TCHAR *save_fn);
int m_valid;
int write_file(const TCHAR *fn);
int write_to_mem(unsigned char **pmem, int *plen);
void stream_file_start();
DWORD stream_file_read(unsigned char *buf, DWORD bytes);
void fill_listbox(HWND hwnd);
void delete_chunk(int);
void move_chunk(int,int);
void modified(); // only call if something really changed. also calls updatestbar
void set_signature();
int check_validity(int msgmode);
void edit_chunk(int);
int split_idat(int cn, int size, int repeat);
void insert_chunks(int pos, int num, int init);
void new_chunk(int chunktype_id);
Chunk *find_first_chunk(int chunktype_id, int *index);
DWORD get_file_size();
int m_imgtype;
int m_num_chunks;
DWORD m_pngfilesize; // used when loading from disk
//info from the header
DWORD m_width;
DWORD m_height;
unsigned char m_bitdepth;
unsigned char m_colortype;
//unsigned char m_compression;
//unsigned char m_compressionfilter;
//unsigned char m_interlace;
int create_display_window();
Chunk **chunk;
TCHAR m_filename[MAX_PATH];
int m_named;
int m_dirty; // has file been modified?
int m_chunks_alloc; /* alloc'd length of the chunk array */
int m_stream_phase; // 0=reading file signature, 1=reading chunks
int m_stream_curchunk; // used by stream_file_read
DWORD m_stream_curpos_in_curchunk; // position in the current chunk, or in the file signature
void update_row(HWND hwnd,int n);
unsigned char signature[8];
void init_new_chunk(int);
int read_signature(HANDLE fh);
int read_next_chunk(HANDLE fh);
class Viewer {
Viewer(HWND parent, const TCHAR *current_filename);
static void GlobalInit();
static void GlobalDestroy();
void Close();
void Update(Png *png); // Set png==NULL to clear viewer.
void SetCurrentFileName(const TCHAR *fn);
void UpdateViewerWindowTitle();
HWND m_hwndViewer;
void *m_bits;
int m_imghasbgcolor;
COLORREF m_imgbgcolor;
int m_errorflag; // 0 = no error
TCHAR m_errormsg[200];
TCHAR m_filename_base[200];
static LRESULT CALLBACK WndProcViewer(HWND hWnd, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
void FreeImage();
int m_adjwidth, m_adjheight; // after adjusting for non-square pixels
int m_stretchedwidth, m_stretchedheight;
int m_imgpos_x, m_imgpos_y;
int m_dragging;
int m_dragstart_x, m_dragstart_y;
void GoodScrollPos();
void CalcStretchedSize();
BOOL HandleKeyDown(HWND hwnd, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
RECT m_clientrect;
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